Scented Flower Tea (2 boxes)

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Scented Flower Tea养生花茶 (2 boxes)
  • Nourishes the Skin 
  • Alleviates Stress 
  • Boosts Metabolic Rates 
  • Richness in Antioxidants 
  • Supports Cancer Prevention 
  • Kills Bacteria in the Mouth 
  • Protects the Heart 
  • Boosts Brain Functions 
  • Contains Anti-inflammatory Properties

1 x Beauty Box 110g (Honeysukle, Jasmine,Chrysanthemum, Rose) 
1 x Refreshing Box 150g (Dried Longan, Barbary Wolfberry fruit, Chrysanthemum, Red Dates) 

Blooming tea, or otherwise known as flowering tea can boosts the reviving function of our energies for the spring period. It can help alleviate the condition of anxiety and depression or when the spirit is at a low point. It helps boost positive energy and relaxes the mind because of its uplifting scent. Dried flowers are wrapped in bundles of dried tea leaves formed into a bulb shape then set for drying. Other than its unique and refreshing taste, its aesthetic is truly remarkable. The bulb, once put in boiling water, expands and unfurls into something like a blooming flower. 

Blooming or flowering tea is best served in clear glass or teapot. 

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